Popular Pastor Caught Red-Handed Doing D0ggy With A Married Church Member In Church-WATCH VIDEO

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Sexual footage of a pastor having an intense sexual encounter with one of his congregants in church was leaked online.

The video which has since been making
the rounds on social media has caught the attention of many people.

From close observation, one can conclude that both participants were
videotaped while engaging in the sexual actions without their awareness.


The pastor confessed after he was caught red-handed that he had slept with several other women in the church.

Though the reason for committing such sins in the ‘temple of God’ have not yet been revealed, he was beaten mercilessly.

One can narrowly tell from the facial expressions of the lady that she was enjoying the intercourse with the old boy who was also good at riding her from the back.

The pastor’s name, as well as the name of his Church, was not revealed in
the video.

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watch it below



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