Meet The Beautiful Curvaceous and Mouth-watering Lady Who Declared Herself HIV Positive To The World  -[SEE PHOTOS]

Doreen Moracha
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Despite the fact that HIV is a serious sickness, it is an illness that can likewise be overseen, we have seen instances of individuals who are HIV positive and they are living cheerfully, one of these individuals is an excellent Kenyan woman named Doreen Moracha.

As per reports, Doreen who is a 28 years of age Kenya woman was brought into the world with the sickness, she discovered that she has the infection when she was 13 years of age.

She said her folks didn’t realize that they had the sickness and that is the reason she got tainted from birth. After she affirmed that she has the infection, she began taking the PRV drugs and from that point forward she has been carrying on with a solid life.

She has additionally puts together different projects in Kenya to support individuals who are living with HIV, particularly the individuals who are confronting criticism in light of the sickness. She generally tell individuals that living with HIV isn’t the apocalypse, in light of the fact that the sickness can be overseen particularly in the event that you have the medications. 

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Doreen Moracha may be HIV positive yet she is carrying on with a sound life, she is looking new and it will be difficult to accept that she is HIV positive.

Doreen is an inspiration to others who are living with HIV in Africa and around the planet.




Checkout stunning photographs of Doreen Moracha and her mom and father:


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