How To Become A Good Blogger

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Interestingly, blogging is becoming one of the rising jobs in the world. Thanks to technology for bringing forth such a big opportunity to people, most especially journalists.

Though it is not an easy work, it requires much efforts to actually make an earns meet.

But then, before one could emerge at being a GOOD BLOGGER, he or she must have these tips in mind;

Write Catchy and Irresistible Headlines -Your article or story headlines must be intriguing and compelling. That is not to say write and overemphasize headlines.

Keep It Short and Simple/KISS –The term kiss is not a strange word to those that studied Journalism. Most People get scared when they see plenty of write-up. Keeping it simple too makes you avoid repetition.

Be Consistent– You have to be consistent in updating your audience with new stories or articles.

Finally, Find a way to take your works to the public. This could be sharing on social media platforms….and their groups.

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