Here Is Dela Coffie’s Quick Reaction To Eugene Arhin’s Wife Claims

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Political activist Dela Coffie has said that a suit by the wife of Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the Presidency, seeking a divorce contains doses of groundless claims, false allegations and whatnot just like other divorce cases, advising that the couple be allowed to go through their divorce proceedings in private.

A suit by Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin seeking the annulment of her marriage with Mr Arhin has gone viral on social media with many wondering how Mr Arhin allegedly acquired so much property in about just four years working at the Presidency.

Mrs Arhin is seeking the dissolution of their marriage accusing Mr Arhin of among others unreasonable behavior, adultery and abandonment.  But Mr Coffie has said that the matter should not be a matter of public discussion.

“People must allow these young couple to go through this process privately and stop dragging the issue through the mud.

By the way, try and go beyond the hype and you will actually find out that this is just another sad divorce story with its underpinning doses of groundless claims, false allegations and whatnot.

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Let’s live and let the young man live,” Mr Coffie said on social media

He also accused Mr Arhin’s political opponents of seeking to benefit from a story with gross misrepresentation of facts.

“Oh yeah, folks couldn’t care less about anything other than making a profit from a story with a gross misrepresentation of the facts. After all, that’s how the political game works. But then again, can we learn to sweep our own doorsteps first?” He wondered.

Meanwhile Mr Arhin is yet to publicly comment on the matter.

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