Enough Of All This,Sack Teachers Who Fail To Go To School Tomorrow -Government Told; Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Until the government and the Ghana Education Service respond “better,” pre-tertiary school teachers across the country have declared an indefinite strike. There are now a lot more teacher protests taking place because of the government’s indifference.

Some parents believe that sending their children to school would be a waste of time because they believe that their children will not learn anything.

Teachers have launched an indefinite strike, and a labor expert has written to the government to express his concerns. Today, Mr. Amponsah told Neat FM that the government should fire all teachers who are absent on Fridays. He went on to say that the teachers’ call for a strike is completely illegal. He went on to say that this strike’s timing was also disastrous.


As an additional suggestion, he said the government should terminate their contracts and provide teaching jobs for other students. He thinks that if the government fires teachers who don’t show up for work on Friday, the government will be able to fill the positions with over 100,000 graduates.

The question is, is Boakye Yiadom correct? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Operanews

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  1. He don’t know what teachers are facing in GES. If he works for twelve months and he is paid for only three months, will he be happy? Teachers are starving in GES if he don’t know I’m telling him. He should rethink. Government should be very careful in dealing with the labour agitations. It can lead to something disastrous. The hardship is too much on teachers and they should be very careful.

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