You Don’t Expect Me To Keep Quiet-Angry Kennedy Agyapong Descends On His Party Members; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Kennedy Agyapong has retaliated against members of his own party who have been trolls and slanderers against him. True statesmanship differs from being a politician.

The honorable Kennedy Agyapong does what he does because of this very reason. Because of his dedication to protecting the party and democracy, he has never wavered in his commitment to these values.

Kennedy Agyapong has made it clear that the Npp is the only thing on his mind. He’ll never let the party down, but he won’t stop speaking because of it. When confronted with insults following his comments on the IMF scandal, Nana Addo’s vision is what he says he loves and supports.

It was only because of this belief that Nana Addo and the NPP could improve the situation in Ghana that he mentioned the International Monetary Fund. When it comes to matters affecting the well-being of our country, don’t expect me to keep my mouth shut. He went on to say that if something went wrong, it wouldn’t be the fault of everyone.


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