You Are Taking Things Too Far- ‘Disappointed’ Jacobs Allotey Boldly Speaks

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Report convened bares that all is not well with the suspended NDC member Mr. Jacobs Allotey as he voiced it out.

According reports, Allotey Jacobs has spoken regarding how disappointed and ashamed he is of some Ghanaians and certain things which he has closely observed.

Allotey Jacobs nowadays doesn’t go a day without praising the governance of Nana Addo.

Allotey Jacobs whiles speaking earlier today said that there is no way a government can run perfectly without a leader.

This is not any ordinary leadership, as explained by Allotey Jacobs, a leader is someone who is proactive and innovative as well as many other qualities. However, it has taken him a long time to see one currently.

After the fund donated to Ghana hit the country, many have reacted and have used this is a way to lambasts Akufo-Addo. Allotey Jacobs’ reaction to this suggests that he is not happy espeacially with the Ndc folks who are against Nana Addo for doing this. Allotey Jacobs revealed that even though Nana Addo has always preached on self reliance, this was a great move.


Some colleagues of mine have insulted the president and I am disappointed. I respect you (his colleagues) a lot but you are taking things too far. You have been in government before and you know the need for this actions by a president so why will you behave as if you aren’t Ghanaians?- Allotey Jacobs asked with boldness.

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