You Are Killing Yourself When You Keep On Doing These Things- Doctor Reveals

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Ohenebahas been speaking on healthy dieting and the very harmful effects of some processed foods because of the chemicals contained therein.Speaking in an exclusive interview on Kantakan TV. The health and wellness advocate indicated that you are indirectly killing yourself to our body when we do these things at night, especially from 6:30 pm going when you eat heavy food at night like fufu, Banku, drinking soft drink, talking in milk, fried egg, fried meat etc.

in the interview, He added there is some food we shouldn’t combine eating, food like banana and groundnut, banana with milk, drinking alcohol before eating, watermelon and pineapple, dry coconut and roasted maize, koose and bread.

Eating food with different kinds of protein like combining meat, egg, fish and chicken is serious and it can end you getting kidneys problems due to the protein content it contains in this combination.

Again in the discussion, He advises all stomach ulcers patients to resist eating an orange, pineapple, ginger, too much pepper, some certain painkillers and any acidic fruits.



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