Xandy Kamel’s alleged lesbian partner drops more revelations

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The alleged lesbian partner of Xandy Kamel has finally broken silence on the whole brouhaha that has taken over social media trends.

The lady who has been identified as Victoria Quartey made it into the news last week after a voice note of her’s went viral on the local digital platform.

In the voice note, she emphatically stated that she’s a lesbian and she’s currently in a strong romantic affair with Xandy Kamel.

She went on to add that, she’s very happy that Xandy Kamel is facing marital woes because she can now have the media personality and actress for herself alone.

Well, this same Victoria Quartey has dropped a new post on her IG page with wild claims that she’s not a lesbian neither is Xandy Kamel.

This lady who is toying with the minds of Ghanaians has accused a couple of persons whom she failed to mention their names as the ones who forced her to spilt such disastrous lies about Xandy Kamel.

In the words of Victoria Quartey who has already done great damage to Xandy Kamel’s reputation, the ABN employee is innocent and not a lesbian as she has earlier lied about.

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Remorseful Victoria further urged the general public to throw her words into the bin and disregard any claims that Xandy Kamel is a lesbian.

She also begged Xandy Kamel for soiling her hard-earned reputation.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

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