Women Would Not Marry Men That Exhibit These Characters -[CHECK OUT]

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Naturally, women are born smart and observant and would make sure that whatever dears to their heart, they will take time to study that and get to know it much better.

Most especially, ladies that are of age and would like to get life partners are very careful when taking decisions on which guy has the best character….

MyLifeGuide research has identified some of these characters that turn ladies off from getting married to some men who possessed them.


LIES – Telling lies is very bad and anyone who lies can never be trusted as such a person can even harm you. Biblically, Satan is the father of lies and whoever lies is a son of Satan. You don’t deserve to spend the rest of your life with a man who isn’t honest, someone who can’t tell you the truth. It’s better for you to be told the truth at all times rather than be consoled with lies.

A CHEAT – Cheat on a lady and get caught, so hard to be forgiven. Cheating is very wrong but society today is trying to make it look right for men to cheat. If your man isn’t satisfied with you, then, he doesn’t deserve to be called your husband.

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RESPECT – Women do not like to be talked to harshly. They will rather respect to be reciprocal. Not only men deserve to be respected by women. Women also deserve to be accorded a lot of respect as respect is reciprocal.

STINGY MAN – The willingness to give if it even little is much appreciated. A man who can’t spend on you while dating won’t spend when he marries you. Remember he can only be called stingy when he has but ignores you.

DON’T KNOW and NOT READY TO LEARN – This is very important because you must be satisfied. If he isn’t good and you love him, teach him and help him to learn it than dumping him. But be ready to accept that I do not know and learn.

HARD WORKING – No woman will like to be with a lady man. Who will feed the other?. You be hardworking to bring food to the table. She won’t marry you and later go to bed with an empty stomach.


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