Woman Caught Her Man Marrying Another Lady And What She Did Next Will Shock-[SEE PHOTOS]

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There is a trend these days of women moving in with the guy they are dating, they relax and feel like all is well, they are introduced to everyone in the family, so as long as you haven’t signed something, just remember that you are just a girlfriend, and you might be a side chick even though you share a bed with him.A video of a woman interrupting a wedding is circulating on social media, and while it appears that they are acting, it is actually something that happened in real life.

A woman brought her children and discovered the man she had been in a suit with another woman dressed in a wedding gown, and she caused chaos by demanding an explanation from this man.

She even admitted that she had many children out of wedlock with the man, which she didn’t mind, and that her family refers to her as their daughter-in-law. She said she can’t believe what’s going on.


“ I gave birth to his kids for so many years, and today he’s making a fool of himself. How can he get married to her? These are his kids, his family knows me. I’m their daughter-in-law, we’ve been staying together for so many years, and this is what he does to me,” she said in the video.

As she was trying to get to the couple who was getting married, several people stopped her. Her man and the bride got into a car as she tried unsuccessfully to break free. All she could angrily say was that she had been with this man for several years and that they had children together.

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