See Some Major Update Whatsapp Announce To Its Users – Here’s How To Try It Out First

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WhatsApp has announced a major change to the service which will give friends and family the chance to react to what you say.

In plans being rolled out to some users already, the “react” function will give users the opportunity to show their feelings in the same way as on Facebook.

And phone users will even be able to manage message-reaction notifications without unlocking.

Though the update is yet to be installed en masse, some users will be able to use the technology, the Daily Star reports.

iPhone users will get first dibs on the update – with changes expected to allow the management of group and individual chat notifications.

It’s currently unknown when Android users will have the opportunity to use the neat feature.

Anyone can download an update now through the app’s Beta programme.

By signing up, users can test the latest experimental features for the app, some of which will never be seen by the general public.

While the update gives you the ability to manage message reactions, it doesn’t actually let you react to messages just yet.

WhatsApp insiders WABetaInfo said: “You are now able to manage when you should receive notifications for reactions, for individual chats and groups, and which tone to play when you receive those notifications.

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“Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to react to messages, but the fact it’s possible to manage these settings suggests that message reactions will be available very soon.”

Here’s how to register for the new update and try it out before everyone else:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots, then head to ‘More Options’
  2. Tap Linked Devices
  3. Hit ‘Multi-device beta’
  4. Tap ‘Join beta’

Once you’ve joined the beta programme, you’ll be able to try out every new version of WhatsApp before it is released to the general public.

And with not all the features ever reaching general use, it’s a good opportunity to try out some secret tech.

Source: Adomonline News

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