What Will Happen On Tuesday If Government Fails To Agree To 20% COLA-Check NAGRAT Response; Details Dropped.

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Teachers have for the past week been on strike demanding for 20% in the Cost Of Living Allowance COLA. According to the Teacher Unions they have tried to negotiate with government on several occasions and yet nothing has come out of it. As a result, over 350,000 teachers have laid down their tools thus denying over 7.2 million kids their services.

According Joy News’ The Probe, Emefa Apawu, the host questioned Rebecca Ocran Abaidoo, Gender Desk at NAGRAT of what will happen if government fails to heed to their 20% COLA demands. She questioned the response if government appeals to them to change their minds. In response, Rebecca Ocran pointed out that they had a meeting with government and they were represented with an appeal which they rejected.

“If they come with another appeal on Tuesday, then that is a non-starter. Because remember as my colleagues rightly said we started drumming this long time ago since February. We have made attempts and shown a lot of good will and with the sacrifices we have made I think we deserve this 20%,” Rebecca said.

She strongly pointed out that the strike is ongoing contrary to reports that the strike was over because of President Akufo-Addo saying he had cut his salaries so teachers should also show leniency.


Source: Operanews

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