We Saw Her Do This In Classroom Before She Later Hanged Herself -Eyewitness Bares It All and Drops More Secrets

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Per witnesses’ account gathered all have shown somehow that the young girl was indeed troubled, but refuses to confide in anyone.

The death of Leticia Kyere Pinamang has really sent shockwaves across the length and breadth of the country.

Whiles most believe its a murder case disguised to look like suicide, others have started pointing fingers at the school authorities for hiding the truth because according to their analysis something fishy might have gone on.

Relevant questions which also should be considered have been asked by well discerning Ghanaian like where did she get the rope as a boarder, Is any of the dry lines cut? More investigations need to be done. How come students dinner wasn’t ready as at 9:30pm. That never happens and It’s highly questionable. .

But whatever be the case these eye witnesses account on that very day will surely give you a glue as to what really transpired and you can make your own submission on the matter

According to the madam Gifty Acheampong who was present during the incident, the students do Bible studies after supper but this particular night the food delayed and she pleaded with them to go go to the church auditorium whiles the food is been prepared.

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By the time they come back they food will be ready. She returned to the kitchen to inspect and assist with the cooking. Because they had been promised earlier, they headed straight to the dinning hall to get ready to enjoy their dinner.

She heard loud noise from the students that Leticia had hanged herself. The students indicated that, they were in the auditorium when she walked out before closing of Bible studies. The Bible sermon was an audio tape. Her best friend Cindy Kyeremeh who was with her hours before indicated that she was moody the whole day and wasn’t responding when you talk to her.

She isolated herself and her friend claimed that Leticia was someone who wouldn’t show emotions but kept things to herself. She always wanted to find solutions on her own and when the bell rang for breakfast she didn’t come out. During second break she did same until I went out to buy food for her which she didn’t eat but ate later on. In class she put her head on the table, the teacher asked her three times what was troubling her she said nothing.

It was during the supper that I told her let’s go and eat. She told me to take the lead since I use to serve the food and later on heard other colleagues shouting and there she was hanging at the dinning hall.

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Per this narrations, Please let us not be quick to judge the school. We don’t even know why she did that. Probably, the school may not have any idea of the issue until it happened. To add to that, the deceased in question may be very secretive. Will this be a broken heart related suicide.

SHS girls nowadays feel bossy and do not open up to teachers and madams on their personal issues. Someone would say the school didn’t do any good to preventing what happened. Mind you some girls can openly smile at colleagues whilst they suffer inside. It’s a pity though. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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