We Have Not Been Paid -Teachers Cry Over Unpaid Monthly Salaries -More Details Drop

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We Have Not Been Paid -Teachers Cry Over Unpaid Monthly Salaries -More Details Drop

News gathered revealed that some newly posted and validated teachers in the Ashanti Region have not been paid their monthly salaries. The teachers are appealing to authorities in charge of their salaries to update them on exactly what is delaying their monies.

This is not the first-time teachers are complaining over unpaid monthly salaries. It seems to have been a norm that newly posted teachers receive their salaries 6 months to 1 year after being posted.


Speaking to Ghanaweb TV, one of the teachers, who started work in May 2022, but only got validated in November, said that it appears the person responsible for ensuring that their concerns about the delays in their monies are communicated, is sleeping on the job.

She also explained the processes they have so far gone through, and the hopes they have had.

“We got validated in November 2022 after we did our biometric at the GNAT Hall and then we were given staff IDs. We were supposed to be paid in December but when the December salaries came, we didn’t receive ours… the validations we did, our names appeared with our fingerprints, but we were not paid in November and in December.

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“This January, I hear there were abnormalities in the validation. Our names also didn’t appear, and we were not again paid this month. In all, I started teaching in May 2022, but we are 12 in total in my district,” she explained.

The teachers want urgency attached to their plights because, as the female teacher, said, they are caught up in a lot of debts that they need to offset soon.

She also explained that they need their salaries because for most of them, they live very far from where they teach, and that money could go a long way to help them commute in and out.

“The way we feel about this is that somebody somewhere is supposed to be attending to us but isn’t doing that and we also want to know if we are genuinely not being paid, or it’s just that the authorities to pay us are not being prompted to do so, because we have a lot of debts to pay.

“We teach very far from where we live. Boarding cars, feeding, and other issues are things that we’re struggling with,” she said.

Source: Razak Ghana TV


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