We Cannot Make A Northerner NPP Flagbearer; We Can’t Risk That -Top Member and Former NPP MP Declares

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We Cannot Make A Northerner NPP Flagbearer; We Can’t Risk That -Top Member and Former NPP MP Declares

Former Member of Parliament(MP) for Kwadaso Constituency Hon Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah has said there is no way the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will risk its chances of winning the 2024 elections by choosing a Northerner to be their presidential candidate.

According to the former lawmaker, in the first term of the NPP government, there was a survey conducted that showed that the party was going to win more seats to make the total seats in parliament 200 or more. Leadership therefore decided that, for the first time and looking at the party’s performance, they should try a Northerner as their flagbearer of which Dr. Bawumia was the right choice.


Therefore it was based on this research that the party decided to try someone from the north to lead them in the 2024 elections, revealed.

“So we decide that, well if we can get 200 seats then we should try a candidate from the north because the risk of losing an election with such record was very low. But for where we have gotten to, there is no room for any risk taking. There is no room for try your luck. At this time, it is your best players. You should use someone who is proven and tested. But if we say we are going to take a risk of trying what we have never done before, then ……” Hon Kwadwo Nuamah told Kwame Tanko on Angel FM in an interview monitored by MyNewsGH.com.

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According him, if at the time in the party’s history under Akufo-Addo they lost many seats in parliament, at the time they were working hard and implementing policies like, Free SHS, 1D 1F, one village one dam, planting for food and jobs creating NABCO and all that, their seats reduced from 169 to 137 there is the need for a rethink.

“When you compare it to this time where things are not too good, this hardship, then how many are we going to get if you are presenting the same team, the same thing”, he wondered
He described the NPP’s choice of Vice President Dr Bawumia as their presidential candidate as an extremely difficult thing to do if they want to break the eight.

“It is clear that this is extremely difficult at this time. That is if we want to break the eight we need to do something different. We can’t continue like that”, he emphasized.

He categorically stated that, the argument that if the party does not choose the Vice President they are going to lose in the north does not hold because an additional 1% from the Ashanti region will cancel the NPP over 20% votes in the north.

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“The reverse is even dangerous at this time. The majority vote is in the south, because if you get only 1% more of the total votes in Ashanti Region, it cancels 20% from the north”, he argued.


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