We Are Going To Introduce Another Levy-Top Minister Boldly Declares-CHECK DETAILS.

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Barely after some months after the e-levy has been passed, a top Minister under the Nana Addo-led administration has introduced a new proposal about Ghanaians paying another form of levy. It can be recalled that in the bid to convince Ghanaians into accepting the e-levy, government officials described the e-levy as the panacea of all government’s problems.

Today, the Minister for Railways, who is also the Member of Parliament for the Hohoe constituency, has indirectly stated that all that the NPP government said about the e-levy were lies. He felt that Ghanaians needed to pay another levy so that it proceeds from that will be used to finance the development of our railways.

“If Ghanaians must be honest with themselves and say, let us develop our railway lines, then, we have to contribute towards it. There was this school of thought that proposes a railway development levy. Some sort of levy for the railway development. But if we as a country agree then this can be some of the revenues that can be generated to manage the lines in future and to some extent, create more railway.”, he asserted.



Source: Gentle Blogger

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