Wahala As Woman Collapses Just After Two Rounds

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It is really sad nowadays how ladies in their youthful age wants to look all curvy with huge backsides just to gain attention on the internet or social media. In this article is a fictitious story portraying an experience of how a nice lady nearly lost her life just after two rounds of waist training at the gym all in the name of getting nice curves and huge backside to be able to gain recognition on social media.


The lady was influenced by what she saw on social media about how to widen hips and backsides to get nice curves using enhancement cosmetics and waist trainers. She contacted to get one enlargement cream for herself plus a waist trainer, and went on to register for the gym afterwards.

On her first day at the gym, the gym instructor started some warm ups with her by jogging and stretching. They moved on to the main exercise of the day which was grouped into 5 rounds, even with that if you don’t complain of tiredness you can go beyond.

They started the main training with skipping, went to squats, then to stomach training which made up round one. They started round two on the thread and before the instructor knew this lady was down and not moving any part of the body. The instructor went close and it appeared she has collapsed and needed to be rushed to the hospital. He did with the help of other members and they were able to restore life back into her.



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