Waakye Seller using ‘juju’ exposed, Watch Video!

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The residents of Dansoman were left in a state of shock over what they describe as nolvety for seeing a Woman believed to be in her 30s ,who sells rice and beans (waakye) with a talisman and juju hanged on her beads.

According to report this waakye sell went to the Dansoman beach after selling her food to wash the dishes but unfortunately for her(woman) when she bend down to wash the dishes, wind blew and raised her dress, and exposed her powers she used to transact her business.

An eyewitness who spoke to Angel news, said ” when I saw her with those juju hanged on her beads I quickly tapped one of my friends that he should look at what is hanging on the woman’s beads, and we all became surprised”.


In fact the lady’s waakye is one of the best in our area, not knowing that is her secret, that’s why people que always to buy her food, I see, he explained.

Take a look at a video to this story.


Credit: Angel news.


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