Voter registration: EC’s rebelliousness poses the biggest threat to Ghana’s democracy – Sam George

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Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George says the Electoral Commission (EC)’s resolve to use only the Ghana Card for the voter registration exercise is injurious to the country’s democracy.

He said the EC’s disregard for other options and suggestions from stakeholders poses the biggest threat to Ghana’s democracy, a situation he believes would only jeopardise electoral harmony and success.

Speaking in an interview on Newsfile, the lawmaker stressed that the EC’s proposed Constitutional Instrument (C.I.), in its current state, is not reflective of every stakeholder’s will.

“I just want to call on the EC to realise that today they constitute the biggest threat to our democracy with their recalcitrant position. We urge them to go back to the table and consult with the political parties.

“Dr Serebour Quaicoe is talking theory; I am speaking practicality. When he talks about the district level registration that was done where vulnerable people were sent there, does he know the expense to the political parties to ensure that we had people escorting the vulnerable people there; does he know the challenges that really happened?” he asked.

According to Sam George, political patties including the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are the implementers of their decision; hence, it is only prudent the EC hastens slowly and involve every stakeholder.

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“They may sit in the comfort of their offices and assume what goes on the ground. We are on the grounds…how do you suggest that we should sit back and allow you pass a C.I. that is injurious to our democracy and then we should come back and discuss the modalities?

“If you were minded to engage us in discussing the modalities, you would present a C.I. that would be reflective of everybody’s will and wishes going forward,” he told Samson Anyenini on Saturday, September 24.

Meanwhile, the EC has reiterated that it would still go ahead to use the Ghana Card as the sole document for voter registration.

Election 2020 Dr Serebuor Quaicoe
Director of Electoral Services at the EC, Dr Serebour Quaicoe

The EC’s Director of Electoral Services, Dr Serebour Quaicoe, says the decision is valid because it will help to rid the register off minors and foreigners.

He added that there is enough time for all Ghanaians to access the Ghana Card in the next two years.

In an interview on Newsfile, he stressed that no eligible voter would be left out.

“Our decision is based on the assumption that by the time we close registration on the 7th of October 2024, any eligible voter would have registered so that one is still valid. The NIA has given us all the assurances that now that they have rolled out 291 registration centres, and we are also going to roll out 267 registration centres, the people will have their names on the Ghana Card.

“All the challenges will be rectified. They will get the card, they will come to our offices to register. Let’s throw this challenge; we have more than two years, and let’s give ourselves the end of 2023. If genuinely there are people who are not getting the card, then we can now be arguing the argument you are putting across,” he stated.

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