VIDEO! I Can Not Defend Akufo Addo -Former NPP MP And Chairman Hopeful Disowns The President And Causes Stir On Media

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A former Member of Parliament for the governing New Patriotic Party at Ejisu Mr Kwabena Owusu Aduomi has indicated that he cannot defend the statement of President Nana Akufo Addo as a patriotic Party member that he has made during the 2015 general election period in the country.

However, the aspiring Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party NPP Mr Kwabena Owusu Aduomi further indicated that it is only fair that the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo defend his statements he made during the 2016 general election.

However, the former Member of Parliament for the governing New Patriotic Party at Ejisu Mr Kwabena Owusu Aduomi made a rhia statement on the Oyerepa Television station in Kumasi.

“You’ll do me no good by asking me to defend statements and comments I didn’t make. It’s Akufo-Addo who said Ghanaians are starving in the abundance of money, I didn’t say that. And so let him defend that when you meet him,- I can’t do that for him. Of course, there’s enough money in the country but it’s about how you manage it”, he emphatically stated.

On that note, Mr Kwabena Owusu Aduomi responding to question about the economic situation in the country pointed out that there is nothing he can say about it further adding that he has no basis to defend the economy of the country under President Nana Akufo Addo administration and therefore, he will only have to leave it for the economic management team in the country to answer that.

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“I’m not an economist so I can’t defend that. On what basis will I even the economic situation in the country? If you’re talking about the current hardship in the country, then I’ll say yes, I hear people complain every day. We all feel the pangs of hardship. However, if the economists claim they’ve managed the economy well, that’s up to them. But for Kofi Job, I won’t even survive”, he added.

This if properly monitored l, is the first appearance of Mr Kwabena Owusu Aduomi on media since he declared his intention to contest the chairmanship race of the New Patriotic Party NPP at Kumasi.

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