Two Police Chief Trainers Impregnate 15 Female Trainees At Camp

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A report convened from the local media has it that two chief police trainers have asked to go home for impregnating female trainees who were kept under the watch.

According to the Minister of Justice for Mozambique, Helena Kida sacked the two officers they were found guilty of impregnating a total of 15 female students at a police training school.

It is established that the Minister took such decision after making inquiry into the incident sending the two male officers on leave as investigations continued on how possible it was for the police trainees to get pregnant at the same time.

However, the findings of the inquiries unravel the rot in the police academy where trainers are said to have lured women trainees into s3x to give favorable terms.

MyLifeGuide’s Verdict

  1. It’s Ungodly as a married man to engage in such act.

2. You could be fired when caught and that is what happened to the two. If it does happen to you, where will you start if you have not saved much money?.

3. You put your family lives in danger.

Note: Let us learn to stop engaging in acts that will destroy us and our family. Because this very act they engaged with the ladies will profit them nothing, yet they are sacked.

MyLifeGuide Advice

Our advice to our readers is that, learn from this issue and never engage in an act like that.


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