Tough Decisions:Will Alan’s Resignation Win Him The Presidency In The Coming Elections; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Alan Kyeremanteng seems to have the flag bearer position and many other positions at the highest ranks highly prioritized. This is not a big issue. We can all bare with him concerning his journey through politics up to the height he has attained now.

He will obviously not have it easy on the ballot the day for the flag bearer elections. What people are most concerned about is why he is still in office when his government is almost failing or collapsing.

Alan Kyeremanteng has been a bigger part player in the new patriotic party in winning the elections and managing the economics of the country. However, people who are highly behind him are encouraging him to resign and save his face from the collapsing legacy of Nana Addo’s government.

Alan has not backed out of this government to exonerate himself from the attacks of Ghanaians. Rather, he is giving hope to Ghanaians and people think this is a very committed politician at post. Will resigning save his face and vision for 2024?

Source: Operanews

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