This Is Why The Fighters Are Calling For The Abolition Of The 1992 Constitution

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The current Constitution of the country is the reason to be blamed for the suffering and ill governance of the country according to the Economic Fighters League.

According to them, the retrogression and discrimination as being experienced in the country are due to the unfavourable Constitution which they describe as rot, suffering and bad governance of the people.

On that note, the Economic Fighters League in a statement to mark the Constitution day indicated that the 1992 Constitution is only drafted, gazetted and allegedly adopted by the leaders just to benefit only a few individuals and some elites in the country hence it does not favour most Ghanaians.

The Economic Fighters League is noted to have been sacrificially fighting for and demanding for a new constitution in Ghana with their rationale that, the current Constitution has resorted poor Ghanaians into 30 years of constitutional dictatorship, poverty, suffering underdevelopment and retrogression governance.

The League further argue that the current Constitution is not created under a foundation where freedom and other important packages which seek the betterment and good standard of living conditions for the citizens are missing.

For instance, in the case of the residents of Akpafu, Lolobi, Sankrokofi and Likpe where they are being denied access to Parliamentary representatives which according to them is a courtesy manipulation of the 1992 Constitution in the country.

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“Constitutions are the foundations upon which democratic countries are built. They are supposed to guard against oppression and be the source of hope for the less privileged. Unfortunately, we are being governed with a constitution that serves the interest of the few to the detriment of the majority. For a few years now, the Economic Fighters League has made it our foremost agenda to push for the abolishment of the 1992 Sakawa constitution because of our conviction that we cannot have a bad constitution and expect a good society”, part of the statement indicated

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