Things You Ought Not To Do On Elections Day To Have A Peaceful Electoral Process; A Violence Free Elections -[MUST READ]

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Elections are proceedings which brings forth violence atmosphere and this is orchestrated by the same electorates.

Elections should be understood by people as a constitutional mandate which allows citizens to exercise their franchise by choosing a leader through collective decision taken by public which is determined by voting.

This, therefore, means that when an aspirant is voted out, the public is not satisfied with his or her governance, hence need another government. But this is not always achieved in most countries as it results in a civil war. The world has seen many of these countries fight among themselves all because of politics which was not supposed to be so.

Many of this violence is caused by either the electoral commission body or electorates who support their respective contestants, per MyLifeGuide’s observations. We can stop these unforeseen events when we pay much attention to ourselves.

On elections day, there things you must not do either at the polling station or even home and they are:

DO NOT DRINK ON ELECTION DAY- Drinking on elections day comes with a lot of troubles. You would not be in your rightful senses to vote for the best candidate with good policies. You are likely to spark violence because you not longer controlled by your rightful senses, rather being influence by alcohol.

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DO NOT THINK ABOUT NEGATIVE OCCURRENCES – You must not wake up on elections day and fill your mind with the feelings that something like violence will erupt at the polling stations if things appear not well understood most especially at the point of counting ballot papers. When you could resolve that by recounting. Party supporters must learn to distance themselves from votes counting, that is the business of the party’s polling agent.

DO NOT HANG AROUND POLLING STATIONS- Electorates are not party polling agents so after voting walk straight to your homes and leave the counting of ballot papers in the hands of various political parties polling agents.

FINALLY, REMEMBER NOT tO DO ANYTHING THAT VIOLATES THE ELECTORAL PROCESS IN THE PRESENCE OF POLLING AGENTS – After campaigns are brought to an end, no one is allowed to do rally again on the day of voting. That violates the electoral process. Please do not at any point close to the area where the voting is ongoing teach, bribe and direct or give a signal to someone to vote for a particular candidate. This brings the fight.

Decease from all the above and your elections will be free from violence.

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