These Young Hustlers Earn About GH¢700 Every Day in Ghana From This Simple Job And  Here’s How -CHECK OUT

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It probably may sound like the most unlikely way of making ‘big’ money but these young men are doing it.

They say it is lucrative and convenient and that is how they are able to live by the day.

Mustapha, Fresh, Malik and their other colleagues have come to master the art of Tie-Dye, what is popularly referred to as ‘Tie and dye’ and with this, they are making averagely, more money than some persons engaged in some white-collar jobs probably may be earning.


They get different colours of the dye, which cost averagelyGH¢25 for one, some water, used water bottles, plain clothing, mostly second-hand, and a dose of creativity.

They find it fulfilling because for them, they are making enough to sustain them on the ‘streets’, whilst they figure life out and they are happy this is a legitimate way of making money.

They spoke to Wonder Ami Hagan on the People & Places show, and this is what they had to say:

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Watch the full interview below:


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