The True Meaning Of Leadership That Many Do Not Know; Check Out And Your Leadership Style Will Touch Every Heart

The true meaning of Leadership has not been what our leaders exhibit. Leaders appear totally deviating from what that call supposed to be. Being a leader at wherever; thus in a community, church, school and among others still remain the same.

Per the meaning of the word LEADER/LEADERSHIP which is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization comes with some key factors as basis on which one in such position to lived by and they are as follow;

First – Know That It’s a Call; Being a leader of people does not come overnight. You are being prepared by God to lead and not to suppress them. Being a leader does not mean you are powerful, intelligent, or smarter than others.

Second – You Are Made to Serve and Not To Be Served; Know that this comes with much responsibilities. That is to serve the people or public. But our leaders want to be served. Take a look at all leaders in the bible, starting from Moses and so on….

Thirdly, You must know that in other words leadership means responsibilities. The least among the people you lead must be considered seriously and serve as others.

Lastly, it means trustworthy, honest, and approachable. People around you should have trust in you to confide their worries. See you as someone who fulfills his words and above all approachable, if they feel they have gone wrong.

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Note: Leadership is not meant to be like a cat and a dog friendship. No!!, you are to LEAD and INSPIRE them to get where you are headed and not to CONTROL them. Never let the worldly bossy lifestyle consume you. It is devilish.


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