The Main Things That Kill The Youth In Their Early Ages REVEALED; Check Out and Desist From Them -[MUST READ]

If You Want To Live Long Avoid Excessive Intake Of These Things -[MUST CHECK]
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It quite alarming the rate at which our youth are dying very early lately,yet many still fall victim to the same fate.

Having no one questioning and educating our youth on that, but this what MyLifeGuide brings to your cherished readers;

Our portal is much aware that many have realized the mortality rate of the youth is increasing at a shocking rate. The truth is most of the youth don’t live up to the expected ages required of humans. This is owing to the fact that the youth indulge themselves in what leads them to their early graves.

This article will enlighten you on some of the things the youth of today indulge themselves in that are increasing their mortality rate as you read to the finish.

If you are a young person reading this, you must check if you are into some of these things I am going to talk about.

With all due respect, quickly desist from any of them and you will live long and a good life. Below are 6 of the things young people do that send them to their early graves, check them out:

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Excessive Alcohol Drinking -Drinking alcohol has become daily food for most youth, which would not end them well. Desist from drinking excessively.

Smoking -Most young people of today do not find rest or peace within themselves when they do not smoke. We all know that smoking affect our liver, lungs and many others likely to give birth chronic disease.

S#xual Misconduct -Many young have taken immorality as the world cup, hence play it all round, forgetting its repercussions. Such as STDs.

The Quest to Becoming Rich At Early Stage – The desire to become rich at their young age in most cases do not end them well. Involving in rituals, scam and many other dubious means to get rich normally call for their lives.

Showing Disrespect To Parents, Authority and Elderly People – Youth of today have seen themselves as equal to elderly people, hence show total disrespect to authority and their parents. This behavior certainly do not lead youth to a good destination.

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