The Galamsey Tycoons Are All NPP Gurus and I Will Flush All of Them Out In Just One Week – NPP Former MP Boldly Speaks and Drops More Secrets

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This is not the first time of hearing a member of the New Patriotic Party making such a serious vow neither is it going to be the last time.

From the president down to Assembly men each and every one is trying to give a helping hand in the fight against illegal mining but all to no avail.

The devastating nature of this illegal mining popularly known as galamsey is becoming unbearable as about 90% of our water bodies are being polluted and our forest reserves gradually turning into desert. This has forced all hands on deck to deal with this menace once and for all.

To help in the fight against illegal mining, the former NPP member of Parliament for the people if Manso Nkwanta, Hon Albert Quarm has boldly confess he knows all those top NPP Gurus involved in the illegal mining especially those who provide the labourers with excavators and chafans to carry out the dubious act and he will flush them out.

Speaking live on United TV’s ‘Mpu ne Mpu’ today, the former member of Parliament vowed he will not sit down for some selfish people to enrich themselves while they put the lives of the ordinary people at risk.

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“During my term as the MP of my area, I encountered so many occasions where most of the galamsey labourers were Malians, Togolese and Nigerians who had been brought into the site by these top government officials where they were provided with the machinery by these government officials. I know them in person and its time to help the president flush them all out within one week”, he vowed.

Why didn’t the former MP expose these government officials involved in galamsey the time he was still an MP, but is now vowing to do that now that he is out of power?

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