The First Thing Every Human Being Must Know To Be Successful In Life -[MUST READ]

The First Thing Every Human Being Must Identify Before He or She Would Succeed In Life -[MUST READ]
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My calling, Your calling, is God’s calling.

God calls you what you are before you become it. People call you what you are after it happens.

We all created for different and unique purposes. Some to invent, Some to feed, some to heal, Some to preach, some to teach, some to govern, some to protect, some to motivate, some to inspire, and many more. But how you fulfill your calling solely depends on you.

More to that is why we all have different names, different thoughts, different window eye view of the world. Hence no one has been created absolutely a mistake or useless. You were born into this world at the right time and for the right purpose.

Human nature says”when I see it, I will believe it,” Faith says”I will believe it, then I will see it”. But I tell you to consider the latter. Because you won’t see your calling coming physically. Instead, you can identify that by hearing some voices in your head and being moved by invisible forces of passion to doing it, which at it all brings impact and happiness.

We decree for ourselves what we become because our mentality gives birth to our reality. No one is born a thief, no one is born a drunkard, no one is born a murderer, no one is born a prostitute, likewise, no one is born to be doing the bad things he or she does. This suffices to say it that garbage in, garbage out.

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My purpose in life is unique, Your purpose in life is unique. Don’t live others’. Live just you, pursue it and realize it. Because the world has no one’s name written on it. So, it could be yours.

Follow your calling to be the reason the living will smile and not the reason the dead will jubilate. Fulfill your calling and leave an indelible legacy than die leaving it unfulfilled. Do you think we were born into this world to go through certain life rituals?-find jobs, get married, buy a house, raise children, change jobs or careers, retire, eat and then die?. Noooo!!!

There is more to that than you think. Ask yourself what is my purpose in this life? what is my calling? Find out that and realize it. Make a positive impact in people’s lives while alive and you will one day be on your death bed smiling, knowing that others will do the same to the next generation when you are gone. Leave your footprint on this earth and when you are gone the next generation will know that you were once here on this earth.

If you ask people, why do you exist? most cannot tell you. They cant explain their purpose in the world.

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Identify your calling, accept it, embrace it, and fulfill it. That is what you were created to do on this earth. So my question to you is, What is your purpose in this life? what is your calling?

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