The Best Smartphone You Can Buy For Under $500

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uyingBuying a smartphone for under $500 is a lesson in setting priorities. It’s impossible to buy a phone that does everything at this price point, but luckily you will be able to buy a great phone that does the things that matter the most to you.

Phones at this price point are better than ever, many coming with features that used to be reserved just for flagships. But instead of getting it all, you should think about the features that you care about and focus on finding a phone that nails them. Some phones emphasize a big screen, others a quality camera, and one of them emphasizes speed and longevity.

The trend of inexpensive phones getting better has been happening for a few years now, with companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung making devices that absolutely can meet your needs for less. Other companies like TCL have started trying to build their own brand by marketing directly, and OnePlus is also making a return to the lower end of the market.

Our pick for the best inexpensive iPhone is the 2020 edition of the Apple iPhone SE. It serves the needs of most people and does a competent job at everything, but its standout feature is that it should last four or more years if treated well.

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If you prefer an Android phone or are looking to spend less, then the options start to bifurcate a little bit. The Google Pixel 4A has an excellent camera and good software, but it doesn’t have the large screen many people are looking for. To get that, your best bet is Samsung’s Galaxy A51 smartphone, which does boast a big, beautiful screen.

Those phones are pretty much available worldwide, but if you’re in the markets where OnePlus has more presence, the OnePlus Nord is a newcomer that beats out the competition by hitting a higher baseline in all its categories rather than excelling at just one.

What most people are looking for in a sub-$500 smartphone are the same things people want in a flagship: long battery life, good screen, good camera, and decent performance. It’s difficult to get high straight As in every single one of those categories, but if you’re able to decide where you’ll tolerate the occasional B grade, you’ll find a phone you’ll love.

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