Take Him Off My Show – Captain Smart ‘Sacks’ Former NDC MP, Ras Mubarak From Live Show; Reason Shocking -WATCH VIDEO

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Take Him Off My Show – Captain Smart ‘Sacks’ Former NDC MP, Ras Mubarak From Live Show; Reason Shocking -WATCH VIDEO

Dramatic scenes unfolded on Captain Smart’s evening show on Onua TV with the host literally sacking former Member of Parliament for Kumbugu, Ras Mubarak from the show after nearly two minutes of a verbal altercation.

A video of the incident making rounds on social media captures Ras Mubarak complaining to Captain Smart over what he deemed to be noise and interference from a makeup artist in the studio.


Ras Mubarak sought to bring Captain Smart’s attention to what he estimated to be snide remarks from the lady in question expecting that she will be silenced to allow him make his point.

Interestingly, however, Captain Smart objected to Ras Mubarak’s call, questioning why he will pay attention to the staff instead of focusing on the show.

Ras Mubarak clarified that the said negative comments from the lady were putting him off balance and affecting his flow of thought.

Captain Smart, instead slammed Ras Mubarak for not ‘respecting’ the seat he occupied. According to Captain Smart, if Ras Mubarak respected the program, he would have ignored the lady’s remark and continued with his submission.

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Dismayed by Captain Smart’s angry posture, Ras Mubarak then continued his protest of the state of affaits and insisted something be done about the lady’s conduct.

Captain Smart, at a point appeared to have yelled, at him and questioned why he was still in the seat if he was unhappy with the attitude of the lady.

The exchanges continued and Captain Smart eventually ordered Ras Mubarak to leave the set and called for a break.

Watch the drama through the Link below:


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