Sylvia Annor vrs David Kanga, compare and contrast the two appointments, which one is political.

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The NDC as a political party have seriously opposed to  President Akufo-Addo decision for giving madam Sylvia Annoh an ambassadorial position.

They are also casting a lot of insinuation on the personality of Mrs. Sylvia Naa Adaawa Annoh, the head of PR for accepting to serve as Ghana’s Ambassador to Denmark.

This, they say, is contained in a letter from the Presidency with the heading Appointment of New Heads of Mission.

They question the correctitude of Sylvia Annoh’s appointment to serve in Copenhagen(Denmark). How could the head of PR of the Electoral Commission be appointed by the President, they asked?

In their arguments, as long as Sylvia Annoh worked at the Electoral Commission, it was inappropriate for the President to have appointed her as an ambassador.

They conclude by alleging it meant that Sylvia Annoh was an NPP person at the Electoral Commission, hence this ambassadorial appointment.

Mr. John Mahama, when he became President in 2013, appointed Mr. David Adeenze Kanga as a member of the council of state. He served as the member of the council of state from January 2013 to January 2017.

David Kanga, until his appointment to the Council of State, was the Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission in charge of Finance and Administration.

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David Kanga also served as a Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission in charge of Operations. His position was way higher than the one occupied by Sylvia Annoh yet his appointment to the council of state did not meet such resistance from the opposition party at the time.

Sylvia Annoh is not the first person at the EC to have been appointed by an administration to serve in one position or the other.

Source P.K. Sarpong,

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