Student Turns Down Offer To Study in U.S. Chooses Local University -Shocking Reasons Drop and Got Everyone Talking

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Student Turns Down Offer To Study in Top University In U.S. Chooses Local University -Shocking Reasons Drop and Got Everyone Talking

South African student Aphiwe Hlatshwayo has rejected an offer to study in the U.S. on a scholarship. Aphiwe, who achieved six distinctions in her final matric exams at Redford House The Hills in Pretoria, has been accepted to study anatomy at Seattle University in the U.S. But she declined that offer for a South African university, where she wants to study medicine, News24 reported.

The platform said Aphiwe was offered an opportunity to study anatomy at Seattle University for four years, and another four years in medicine as part of its postgraduate program. The Pretoria student said she turned down the offer after her mentor advised her not to go to the U.S. as she would have to spend four more years before completing her four-year medical degree.

“I understood where she (mentor) was coming from because you can get the same education here for six years (instead of eight), which works because I will be here (in South Africa) around my family so that I can have my support structure with me,” Aphiwe said. “So, it is kind of a blessing in disguise.”

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Aphiwe has chosen to study medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa and has no regrets. Her main problem now is funding. She also knows that she might be missing a huge opportunity to study outside of South Africa but the fear of not making it in the U.S. due to the absence of her support structure and the difference in the education system also inspired her decision.

“I may be losing more quality education, but I am gaining more support here in South Africa,” the brilliant student said.

Aphiwe was also quick to add that the quality of the education she received at her private school is what has also prepared her for UCT. While in school, the young girl spent most of her time organizing school events, serving her fellow students and representing the school at competitions. These activities affected her academics negatively. She then decided to do some “self-reflection” and get back on track. Her hard work would lead her to earn six distinctions and rank in the top 5% of Independent Examinations Board candidates nationally for several subjects.

And now if she gets another scholarship opportunity like the one above, she would take it only for the postgraduate program, she said.

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