Stop Taking Tea Everyday, It Is Not Good For Your Health; Here Are 3 Things That Shockingly Happen To You 

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Tea is one of the most love beverages in the morning. It is normally taken in the morning or late evening. Now today let us look at what really happens to the body if you take a lot of tea especially everyday.

The ingredients for making tea mostly comes from leaves and cocoa. Some Tea are normally used as traditional medicine.

Tea which was made from leaves reduces illness such as cancer and heart diseases.

As the saying goes, too much of everything is bad. Taking Tea everyday or two to three cups daily is very bad for the body. Now let use see what happens to the body then.

1. Increases anxiety and stress. Most of the tea leaves contain caffeine. Consuming a lot of that does not make the body rest when it needs to.

2. Drinking tea in an empty stomach causes Nausea.

3. Headaches

Due to the caffeine in the tea. It causes headache. Small amount of caffeine will cause headache throughout your day.



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