Stop Provoking Teachers With The Falsehoods-Aggrieved Teachers Cautions Akuffo-Addo-CHECK DETAILS.

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Following the ongoing teachers strike, a group called Coalition Of Aggrieved Teacher Union Members (CATUM), has cautioned leadership to stop provoking teachers with the Falsehoods.

A release by the group on Monday, 11th July 2022, reads;

“Our attention has been drawn to a portion of the president’s speech at the Eid’ celebration pleading for teachers to return to work with reference to the need for everyone to sacrifice because we aren’t in normal time.

The president’s in his speech made it known what they have done as sacrifice to the situation of the country; slashing off 30% from their salaries, 50% slash off on fuel coupons and reductions in other expenditures.”

According to the group, they are laying it straight to the president that, his references provoke us the more and keep adding petrol to the burning fire. Hence, advising him and his appointees to check their words on teachers. We can’t take them anymore.

“We are making this point based on the following analysis about the president’s statement:

1. What incremental percentage was given to the article 71 holder for the period against civil workers? Was it not some 70+% vrs 4% & 7%? Just imagine the wide gap.

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What sacrifice does it make if the president turns around to call a 30% slashed off (alleged) of their 170+% salary? Don’t they still keep 40% increment to their existing salaries? Why wouldn’t the president had initiated the slash off before increment, so that their 30% slashed off could be relevant? Des he think should teachers have been given a 40% increment, we would have gotten to this point by the day?” The group argued.

The group also quizzed that how many article 71 holders are dependent on their salaries for their daily living? Not even for their establishments. They emphasized that they are fully aware of other benefits that comes with been in that category of workers.

The group also asked why fuel coupon to the higher salary earners despite what Akufo-Addo call as a slash?

“Mr. President for hearing such statements from you as a justifier for leadership by example. You examples indicated, seem more tricky than reality. Have they evacuated their mansions or bungalows to be offered to those on our streets to serve as real sacrifices?” They concluded.

Source: Currentworldnews

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