Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin 3 Times Escapes Death 

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Report convened has it that Ghanaians would have been mourning the departure of our Honorable Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin, But God being so good such unfortunate incident have all foiled.

Inasmuch as there are road safety precautions that both drivers and passengers need to adhere to, to safeguard their lives, both parties mostly turn a blind eye to them.

The narrative above stems from the fact that Speaker of Parliament has narrated how he escaped death in three near fatal accidents.

Narrating his story to Joy News, Mr Bagbin noted that the three times he survived these accidents was because he wore his seat belt anytime he was on a road trip.


He pointed that the Land Cruisers he drove in during the accidents crashed beyond repairs.

“I have had a number of near fatal accidents. You know members of parliament are always on the move and those of us who are far off the seat of government usually have to overstretch our nerves and our sights to try to get to our destination before dusk and so I had about 3 near fatal accidents but survived them just because I obeyed one of the driving rules of a passenger, putting on the passenger belt,” Alban Bagbin said.

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“Because, on the three occasions, even though I was using Land Cruisers, none of them could be recovered but I came out unhurt because the belt held me to the seat,” he stated.

He, therefore, urged Ghanaians to adhere to all road safety rules, especially always to put on their seat belts to stay alive and avoid carnage on the road.

Meanwhile, statistics from the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service reveals that a total of 263 people have died from road accidents in April 2021.

This figure represents a slight increase in the number of deaths month-on-month since the year began.

This brings the number of deaths on Ghana’s roads from January to April to 1034.

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