Soldier Spotted Miraculously Praying For People In The Market Causes Massive Uproar As Video Drops and Goes Viral -WATCH VIDEO

[Viral Video] Military Man Prays Powerfully For People In Market.
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One Ghanaian soldier has caused a massive stir following his recent prayer he administered to people at the market in Volta Region.

The video has since gone viral upon hitting online and attracted mixed reactions as the event appeared unusual to them.

Obviously, military men are noted in the society to be very strict and disciplined in carrying out their duties to their state and family.

However, most are known to be so strict to the extent of beating people who misbehave around them. This has led to people’s fear for military personnel to the extent that when they pass by without even trying to intimidate anyone, they end up intimidating them with their presence alone.

This is why when some military personnel put away their pride and do wonderful things in society, it raises eyebrows.

The narrative above stems from the fact that a military man was seen powerfully praying for people in a market.

The video which I came across entails a powerful Ewe military man rendering his services to the people in quite a unique way far from their usual defending the country from external attacks type.

The man, uniformed was extraordinary as he prayed for countless people who lined up to meet him for prayers and has generated a spectacular scene since it was unusual to see military personnel on the streets praying for people.

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This has generated social media users to show their respect to the man and thank him for being humble enough to go out and pray for people in a market.

Click link to watch the viral video.

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