Six Nursing Students In Deep Trouble After Being Caught Prostituting And Having $ex On Campus

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Six nursing students are in deep trouble after being caught prostituting and having $ex on campus.

Six nursing students had no shame about going to prostitutes and having $ex with their teachers. On Friday 10 February, the director of the nursing school issued a public statement about the arrest of six of his nursing students.

In the statement, he said he was aware that six of the students had been arrested for sex work on campus. The principal, who was shocked and upset, told a reporter: “I don’t really know why they did it and how they did it. Is it for money or for fun?”

He also said that he had heard complaints about their students leaving campus at night, but he had never thought it was for such things. He said that students do leave campus, but it’s usually to buy food, and for women it’s usually to buy toiletries. So he didn’t really pay much attention to the reports he received.

When the police regularly patrolled around the school to ensure the safety of the students, they noticed something strange and went over. To their surprise, it was a student walking down the street in a very short skirt that showed a lot of skin, carrying a small handbag full of condoms and lubricants.

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“That can’t be for sale,” the policeman said. They put the girl in their patrol car and drove to the station. The night watchman was nearby and heard what had happened. He told his team to keep an eye out for more such incidents.

The team returned, this time dressed as ordinary people. To their surprise, a crowd of people ran towards them.

They were able to catch the five students and take them to the station. When the headmaster heard what had happened, he couldn’t do anything to help them. Now the students face disciplinary action and possible expulsion, even though it’s their final year.


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