Shocking As 11 Concerned Doctors Petition Akufo-Addo To Halt Vaccine Rollout – Read Full Details

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Some Eleven Doctors naming themselves as Concern Ghanaian Doctors have allegedly written to the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo to as a matter of urgency issue a directive to halt the nationwide covid the 19 vaccination rollout against the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

According to the Concern Ghanaian Doctors, per data available, the risk associated with these vaccines so far outweigh the potential benefits if any.

Reasons For Their Call

However, a petition emanating from the eleven 11 doctors on the 10th of January 2022, therefore, cited how some international countries such as the United Kingdom and Israel which have massively vaccinated almost 90 per cent of their population are still combating the virus despite the much vaccination.

“These countries have high vaccination rates, currently deploying booster programmes, yet they are struggling to get the virus under control especially with this new variant. Assuming as a country we are to vaccinate more than 50 per cent of our population, are we going to continue with our perpetual boosters every 3 to 6 months in an attempt to vaccine-induced immunity for this disease?. When then is the endpoint when these vaccines do not stop infection or the spread of Covid19?. Is this financially feasible for us as a nation? “, the Concern Ghanaian Doctors questioned in a jointly signed petition.

Furthermore, they opined that the fatality rate of the pandemic in the country is not so high as anticipated further rationalising that not many of the Ghanaians citizens are getting themselves tested.

Their Claims In The Petition

However, despite citing the ineffectiveness of the vaccines in some of the international countries such as the UK and Israel and their proposal to halt the Covid19 vaccine rollout in the country.

They additionally claimed that some poly in the Pharmaceutical companies in the country is taking advantage of the situations to make a profit for their self benefits instead of the core mandate of the programme as touted by the government.

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“it does not take a genius to recognize the financial benefits of the pharmaceutical companies in demolishing potential early, effective treatments”, statements added.

On that note, the Concern Ghanaian Doctors all eleven together in accord opine that, if there is effective, safe affordable and freely available early treatment for the Covid-19 then, the covid 19 vaccine program will no longer be of priority.

The statements further clarify that, ” if these medications do work that’s wonderful in the human race fights against covid 19. However, they are practicably placebos if they don’t work. Why the suppression and the demonizing of these early treatments then if the concern is health. Considering this, won’t it be prudent to pause and ask ourselves whether these novel vaccines are necessary in the first place”.

According to the 11 Concern Ghanaian Doctors, Ghana and Africa as a whole should therefore take up the mantle of fighting and combating the coronavirus disease.

This is because all relevant metrics and assessments proofed that Ghana and Africa have done credibly better in the fight against the pandemic than moat parts of the world and therefore concerning that, the African continent should learn to fight the covid 19 themselves.

Names Of The Eleven 11 Doctors Who Are Involved In The Petition

However, the names of the 12 Concern Ghanaian Doctors who made this petition includes Dr Timothy Oblijah Armah, Dr Bismark Opoku-Asare, Dr Faisal Adjei, Dr William Ghunney and Dr Bernard Boateng Adjei. The others are Dr Doreen Oye Agyei, Dr Michael Agyemang-Wiredu, Dr Richard Fayah and Dr Sedem Cyril Klinogoh, Dr Phil Dowuona and Dr Emmanuel Awuttey.

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Deputy General Secretary of Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Titus Beyuo Defend Vaccines

Meanwhile, following the petition from the eleven 11 doctors in the country who petitioned the president of the Republic of Ghana to halt the covid 19 vaccine program rollout in the country.

The Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Titus Beyuo have also on his outfit revealed that data and information gathered by the Health Authorities in the country depict that the covid 19 vaccine is safe and effective for use.

However, Dr Titus Beyuo speaking in an interview on Joy FM Midday News on the 12 of January 2022 reiterated that the imported vaccines are safe and healthy to take hence the motion emanating from the 11 Concern Ghanaian Doctors according to him should not be bought.

Main Purpose Of The Vaccines According To Dr Titus Beyuo

Additionally, the Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Titus Beyuo on note defended his statement by saying that the health officials have made it clear that the vaccines if taken do not prevent an individual from contracting the virus.

But it purposely reduces the mortality rate plus the severity of the cases and also boosts the immunity of the individual against many other different infections in the human host.

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association GMA however refuted the moves of the Concern Ghanaian Doctors adding that they did not use the appropriate channel to register their concerns in the country and that they should have also provided needed information in an attachment to their concerns.

“It is rather unfortunate they are not using the right medium to address the concerns. As a scientific community, there are better ways to address the concerns,” Dr Beyuo said.

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