SHOCKER: Soldiers Found A Child Crawling In The Bush, Followed It And What They Discovered Shocking -WATCH 

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It will shock you to know that some soldiers have caused a massive stir as they found a child crawling in a bush.

Few years ago, report had it that a building collapsed and buried a mother and her child. Sadly, the mother passed away.

The entire collapsed building had to be evacuated for several weeks before the kid could be discovered.

The mother was absolutely rotten when they arrived at the child, but the child recounted how a man used to come and wake his mother up so that she could breastfeed him even though he was old enough to stop.

That’s how he’d managed to stay alive until then.

This photograph depicts a one-year-and-a-half-old boy who was picked up by soldiers in the Sambisa forest.

Soldiers discovered the boy crawling in the bush. They assumed he had been set up by someone to trap them.

They searched the bush but found no one.

So they would sometimes see the child crawling into a large hole after he had played and was exhausted and hungry.

They walked slowly behind him as he walked into the hole. When the soldiers peered into the opening, they discovered a dead woman. The body was rotten from the neck to the knees, but not from the stomach to the head.

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So, when the child is tired, he will crawl into the pit, and when he is hungry, he will suck the breast and emerge when he is satisfied.

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