Shocker: See What A Lady Saw Inside A Samsung Phone She Bought For GH200 On The Street-[SEE PHOTOS]

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If people could afford the better product they would buy that, but they can’t, and hence they end up buying a cheaper substitute because that demand isn’t going anywhere. This accounts for people buying non-company phones.

There’s a trending video on social media of a lady who got scammed after buying a Samsung phone S9 for GH200.


According to the video, it is alleged that the lady found a coloured guy on the street and he sold her a Samsung phone, it wasn’t turning on the time he gave it to her then later when she got home and tried to charge it and it wasn’t responding in any way then she tried to open the phone indeed it opened and found mud inside the phone.


Sometimes people feel that quality products are nothing but cheap things with a brand tag and a higher price. They feel that they can get the same quality at a much cheaper rate if they buy it from a local shop. Occasionally this is true that some products of a few brands are just expensive because of the brand name, not because of the material.


Also, the fact that things which are for long term use are generally bought by seeing the quality of the products, but the quality of short term products are generally not taken into consideration.

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It can happen that, the person who doesn’t care about quality may be financially challenged, as quality is expensive.

High-quality products can last for years, or even a lifetime, offering significant value to the consumer. However, products that don’t last forever are typically cheaper to make and sell and may mean that a customer has to return to your business every few months or years for a replacement item.

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