SHOCKER As Yam Formed Like Human Leg With Five Toes Hits Online and Causes Massive Stir -WATCH

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It will interest you to know that what we see among and about humans could be seen in other things created by God.

Undoubtedly, this proves to us that nature is indeed broad, diverse and incomprehensible after a strange yam formed in human leg nature popped up.

Per a post made on social media by a user, a yam in human leg nature could be seen and attracts much attention.

Clearly, the worst of the matter is that the yam has five toes just like that of a human which mixed reactions from users as they ask so many questions.

Well, considering the nature of it, many are now questioning as to who can eat it.

As we speak, we are yet to find someone who will volunteer and say he or she can eat.

Take a look at the photo below and tell us if you can eat.

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