SHOCKER: 25-Year-Old Young Woman Gives Birth to Nine (9) Babies at The Same Time -[SEE PHOTOS]

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Wonders shall never end they say is indeed true as the weird has happened and left world talking unceasingly.

In more detail, report says a 25 year old woman who hails from Mali has given birth to 9 babies after been told during an ultrasound scan that she was going to have seven babies rather.

The news attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from the social media users who saw the trending photos.

The lady whose name was identified as Halima Cisse did an ultrasound both in Mali and Morocco to ascertain if truly she would have the seven babies which all showed the same but upon giving birth had the shock of her life after delivering two more babies than the original known seven babies.

The mother of nine babies with whom five are girls and four boys have gained a lot of recognition worldwide with the country’s transitional leader for Mali, Bah Ndaw, ordering that she be sent to Morocco when she was in labor.

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Fanta Siby, minister for health in Mali speaking about the health of the lady revealed that she was very safe after undergoing a caesarean section and would be brought back into the country after some weeks.

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