See The Strange Office Of President Which Many Ghanaians Never Knew Existed -SEE PHOTOS

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It will shock you to know that there are some offices in Ghana which the citizens are not even aware exist.

Undoubtedly, per what our portal has seen, there are many things in the country at the blind side of the populace. Here is a clear instance of the narrative above.

According to AccraBlogger who brought this to bare said that, Many people always say there are no laws in Ghana but wait until you find yourself in the hands of the law, then you would realize you can’t even print the coat arms and paste it in your own room.

After seeing this picture on social media, he was shocked and could not believe his eyes, thus Ghana Citizens Complaints Center.

He then delve into it and I found out there is an office specifically set for citizens of this nation to come in and lodge complaints.

What kind of complaints are welcome here one may ask?.

Upon my research, I could not gather information about the office. This is not just a picture which was mounted by an ordinary citizen publicly like this. It must truly belong to the state according to the information written on it.

Also, the signpost looks very old and unattended to for many years. Could it be the office is no more?

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