See The First Thing To Consider As An Electorate Before You Vote For Any Presidential Aspirant In Election -[Very Important]

It high times we consider this factor before making a final decision on who to vote for in any elections.

Good Governance must be the lookout factor in the policies of presidential aspirants.

In a country where there is good governance, you see the following policies operating in the system, that is what voters must watch of candidates at rallies and in their manifestoes and they are as follows:

First -Participation; When a particular candidate keeps talking about inclusiveness in his administration, it is, therefore, a sign of good governance to come. This means people and institutions’ cries and opinions will be listened to and addressed.

Second –Accountability; Will your government be accountable to the masses?. Citizens will need the government to account for whatever their taxes and the state’s monies are being used for.

Third –Transparency; Pictorial documents or records are what will convince the public. Are you sure your government will at all time makes records available.

Fourth –Rule of Law; How serious is the candidate on rule of law. The principle which protects the strong and weak.

Lastly -Strategic visions of candidates must be checked. Your country will develop if presidents come and go fulfill their visions. The visons include addressing issues like employment, education, health, and the growth of businesses.

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Good Governance is the first thing to consider and under that you see the five points captured in candidates’ manifestoes.

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