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To stay healthy one has to eat a well-balanced diet. However, in the event of considering what foods are balanced and what foods are not, it’s important to keep in mind that some food combinations could be deadly whether balanced diet or not.

Mixing such foods is known as Incompatible Food in Ayurveda. Even tea combined with biscuits, milk with bananas, etc. is considered incompatible but we hardly know about it.

There are several deadly food combinations that you should avoid. However, this article discusses five of them. We encourage you to do extensive research to familiarize yourself with the rest.

1. Citric Fruits With Milk

Citric fruits contain acids. Examples of citric fruits are oranges, pineapples, etc. A combination of say orange and milk can cause acidity and stomach infections like ulcers.

2. Peanuts With Beer Or Carbonated drinks

Consuming peanuts and beer at a time can cause dehydration in the body by lowering sodium levels. Dehydration can further cause dizziness, food poisoning, or other stomach ailments.

Some people have the habit of drinking say coke or any carbonated drink with ‘nkatieborga’. This is a deadly combination and should not be entertained.

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3. Milk With Bananas

Milk is an animal protein. Under no circumstances should milk be combined with onions, oranges, bananas, meat, or fish. A combination of them disrupts the digestion process leading to insomnia.

4. Tomatoes And Cucumber

Mixing tomatoes and cucumber is a common practice. However, a recent study shows that the two can be very deadly as they lead to digestive issues.

5. Curd With Meat, Banana, And Tomatoes

Mixing curd with meat or banana or tomatoes can also be very disturbing.

Bottom Line

As earlier said, we entreat you to broaden your horizon on this topic by researching extensively. Putting the above suggestions into account can go a long way to improve your health.

By now you have seen that what you eat matters. Because the food we eat produces chemical reactions in our bodies that can help or harm us.

Remember, we’ve stated clearly that combining certain foods and eating them simultaneously can be catastrophic. However, even if you decide to eat them at intervals, they can still harm you.

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