SCAM ALERT: The Newest Scam In Ghana You Need To Know So That You Do Not Fall Victim -[MUST READ]

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As Part of MyLifeGuideOnline commitment to keep our cherished readers abreast with many of these unscrupulous acts by fraudsters; our team has convened from the Ghanaian media the newest ways fraudsters now scam individuals.

Report culled from Broadcastghana revealed that many of these useless thieves have devised a way on social media, especially facebook to promote what does not exist at a much cheaper price just to lure people.

Overstock Electronics is a scam. They advertise their page on Facebook that they deal in home appliances and asked you to make half payment with high assurance that they will deliver, but would not and later WhatsApp you to do the full payment.

Per the evidence available to us it is believed they work in a group, with one name made public as an accountant through momo transaction.

They send you a number to you to make a half payment, thus 0240618423 bearing momo account holder’s name as Hilarious Aprobi.

Be informed and don’t fall prey to these bastards. Here is their Facebook page; Overstock Eletronices


Overstock Electronics Is The Newest Big Scam in Ghana; Here Is All You Need To Know Before They Dupe You


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