Sad Things To Expect As Government Re-opens Schools

Sad Things To Expect As Government Re-opens Schools
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Following the outbreak of the deadly virus called corona which led to the closed down of schools across the breadth and length of the world has done bad to mankind.

Ever since the virus hits the world, first in China, thus meat market and subsequently spread to the rest of the world in some countries still persist while in others has been contained and managed well.

It is no longer news that schools were closed as a result of that and countries where the prevalence is considerably low are re-opening schools.

MyLifeGuideOnline team has made observations and realized that the re-opening of schools is come with many challenges and wish to share them with our cherished readers.

First of all, Parents should expect an exorbitant increase in stationaries, fees, and school bag wears. It quite clear that many sellers of school items will inflate the prices of their items which is likely to pose pressure on most parents to buy and send their wards to schools.

Secondly, Schools Losing Teachers will hit institutions hard. During the closed down of schools, many teachers might have sought job opportunities and are now contend with their recent jobs, which will not return to classrooms. This applies to private schools.

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The above are the things parents should expect as schools re-open from coronavirus lockdown.

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