Sad Story!As A Thief Who Stole Goat Has Been Allegedly Beatened To Death.[Watch Video]

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A 50-year-old retired military officer and a Chief have been arrested by Nsawam Police in the Eastern Region for beating and violently stamping on the neck of a suspected goat thief leading to his death.

The suspects, W.O.1 Adjona Henry and Nana Odiasempa Nii Ade Quaye the chief of Ayigbe town a suburb of Nsawam.

On April 3rd, 2021, the Nsawam police, received information that the victim identified only as Abombi – a suspected goat thief has been beaten to death.

Ongoing  investigation has shown that on April 1, 2021, at about 3:00 pm, the victim was arrested for allegedly stealing a pregnant goat at Ayigbe town a suburb of Nsawam by some unknown persons.

He was dragged to Nana Odiasempa Nii Ade Quaye’s palace at Ayigbe town, and apparently, the goat belonged to him.

On arrival, the suspect, Ex-military officer W.O 1 Hennry Adjona, now a driver of the chief, subjected the victim to severe beatings by whipping him with a rope and also stamped on his chest and neck whilst helplessly lying on the ground.

The victim who was badly injured and near unconscious was released by his assailant.

The deceased managed to walk away to a spot at the railway crossing but was found dead the following morning at a nearby spot.

The acting Public Relations Officer of the Eastern Region Police Command Sergeant Francis Gomado told the media that the Nsawam Police have arrested and detained Chief Nana Odiasempa Nii Ade Quaye’ and W.O.1 Adjona Henry to assist the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Police are in possession of disturbing video footage of the callous beating of the victim to help its investigation and prosecution.


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